10 reasons why you should wear a classic wristwatch

May 16, 2019

10 reasons why you should wear a classic wristwatch

10 reasons why you should wear a wristwatch

By Susan McIntire

Not long ago, no one would pose the question: Is a wristwatch even necessary? If you’re wondering why you should wear a watch when you can just check the time on your phone, this article is for you. 

In fact, just as using a smartphone has become a way of life, a wristwatch was a staple in life, perhaps even more so than wedding rings. We took watch-wearing for granted. Wearing a casual watch was a daily habit that was as common and as understood almost as well as breathing. 

Somehow, technology gives us a false sense of assurance that we can let the tradition of watch-wearing slide or fade away from consciousness. But is that true? Is it enough to have the time on our phone or smartwatch?

Can we get away with tech other than a wristwatch to tell the time?

The short answer is yes, technically. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Here are 10 good reasons why you should wear a wristwatch:

 1. It’s not because of what it is. Surprisingly, it's what it’s not that makes a classic watch even better.


A classic watch is mechanical but it's not techy and it has a singular purpose. A classic wristwatch is not a smartwatch. That's a good thing.

A classic watch is still a breakthrough in technology. Wristwatches are intricately mechanical and precise. They are miraculous and inspiring without necessitating any more tech than is necessary to do the job.

A wristwatch is reliable for one thing: telling the time and getting you there on time. It helps you break through all the necessary barriers that one expects for professionalism and image without extra concerns to sidetrack you or make you appear to be sidetracked.

Wear a classic watch and there's no confusion about its purpose. Time is valuable. You're on top of it.

2. A wristwatch tells time but keeps secrets.

A wristwatch is sentimental but discreet. Unless you choose to share how you came to select this particular watch or how it came into your possession, and why, every wristwatch has a story behind it that only you know.

The reason you're wearing a watch can add a note of mystery and respect. There are no notifications that will reveal the history of this particular accessory.

A wristwatch can provide a foundational bond to important events and people in your life that provide you strength and support on your best and worst days. A glance at a classic watch can tell you a story that helps you make decisions with confidence that remind you of your roots, and core essence, even if you don't share it.

3. A wristwatch sends a message about you that has nothing to do with fashion. 

Wearing a wristwatch conveys a subtle clue that raises your professionalism in unspoken terms and readily keeps you punctual so that you seamlessly build your reputation as a reliable person. A wristwatch earns you respect because it shows that you take time seriously.

There are few such simple wardrobe cues that can influence perception as fast and as positively as a wristwatch sends the message.

A wristwatch sets nonverbal expectations. A watch not only says that you value time but your time is valuable and encourages others not to waste it. They can see you're well aware of what time it is.

 4. A wristwatch puts you in a different mindset by association.

A classic watch takes away any frustrations that tech can invariably add to your day. A wristwatch simplifies your life and allows you to admire and appreciate the pure functionality of a miniature timepiece.

A classic watch never disappoints or adds stress with its ingenuity and craftsmanship. Even before smartwatches, digital watches could get the best of some people.

A wristwatch just works to tell time. It's dedicated. It's precise. It has a job to do and once you set it, it just goes.

5. A wristwatch embodies personal branding at its best. 

There’s only one you. Why follow the herd mentality? Wearing a wristwatch is a lifestyle statement. And now that most people aren’t wearing a watch or the majority are wearing a smartwatch, it’s easier to set yourself apart and to find like-minded people.

A wristwatch lets you share a little bit about yourself with the world. Your choice of watch is a bit of a window into your personal aesthetic and values.

For women, a classic wristwatch can be used as a fashion statement as much as a functional piece with a wide array of choices and price ranges.

For men, a watch sets the tone in a prominent way because it's often the single accessory a man wears. A confident man worries less about what others think about his wristwatch than what he thinks.

Successful men don't always wear the obscenely expensive wristwatch, just as they don't always drive the most expensive vehicle on the market. They know they've arrived and have nothing to prove. You can't always judge a man's worth by his choice of watch.

That's not to say that a man shouldn't wear an expensive watch nor won't choose to wear one or covet a certain style or collectible but there is a lot of leeway that men don't always lend themselves when they feel judged. 

Children often feel quite grown up when they begin to wear a watch. Wearing a wristwatch can be a right of passage that we shouldn't deny children.

Just as handwriting is becoming a lost art in the age of computer keyboards and text messages, learning to tell time on a classic watch is a skill children will never regret learning. Unlike advanced courses they may balk at and say they'll never use, learning to tell time, like learning to tie a shoelace, is a classic skill.

6. A wristwatch allows you to be in two places at once. (And we’re not talking time zones.) 

As a legacy keepsake, a classic watch lets you enjoy it now and leave something of yourself and your personality to those you love.

Nothing is more meaningful than donning the wristwatch of a loved one either gifted to you or left to you. A watch, like a signature cologne or perfume, is easy to equate to an important person in your life. You can create that legacy with a collection of watches. They need not be extraordinarily expensive to be sentimental keepsakes that are treasured by you and those you love.

Just as we constantly replace smartphones, smartwatches will literally not stand the test of time.

7. Wearing a wristwatch brings new meaning to "game time." 

Wearing a watch leaves no excuse of losing track of time when forming and sticking with habits.

Want to create a habit? Link it to the time you already do something. For instance, when I watch the game at 7 p.m., I’ll do 5 pushups during every commercial break.

The simple act of wearing a watch itself is so key to our habits that we feel naked without one. We can build on that positive association and use it as a cornerstone to build other successful habits by linking them to time.

8. Wearing a wristwatch improves your manners.

No one feels taken seriously when you gaze at your phone, no matter if you're in a meeting or on a date.

However, a subtle look at your watch will not be near as offensive if you're caught stealing a glance. There's no comparison to burying yourself in your phone checking texts and emails vs. a glance at your wrist.

Sometimes we just want to know how much longer we have in a current situation and we need to know the time. A wristwatch wins hands down every time for this purpose.

9. A wristwatch leaves no doubt.

A wristwatch focuses you on priorities with the briefest of input and zero other distractions.

When you're on a deadline, the last thing you need is to be oblivious to time or to get sucked down the rabbit hole of putting out other fires before you tackle the matter at hand.

A wristwatch keeps you on task without any other bells and whistles to vie for your attention.

10. A watch can do more than tell time.

The fact is, a wristwatch is a miniature piece of wearable art and craftsmanship.

You may find yourself staring at your watch just to admire it even when you have time to kill. A beautiful classic watch can just bring joy to your life in a small but effective way, unlike almost any other simple pleasure.

In sum, there are far more than 10 reasons to wear a wristwatch but these are the top reasons that come to mind. You'll be hard-pressed to find anyone that regrets wearing a classic watch.

Most people will sing the praises of their watch when asked to comment. There are no downsides to wearing a wristwatch which is a difficult and rare thing to say about almost anything in life.

Watches add value to life in ways we can't imagine because they've always just been a given. It's only when we consider the effect of leaving them by the wayside for new and improved options that we realize we didn't need to reinvent the wheel.

Classic watches are brilliant in and of themselves. A smartwatch has benefits of course. They're wildly popular but a classic wristwatch simply works. There's no need to charge them or be distracted by the myriad things that they can do. A smartwatch is a minicomputer or phone extension more than it is simply a watch. They have their place but they shouldn't displace one of man's best inventions: a classic watch.

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Featured Image Credit: Copyright Susan J. McIntire 2019

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