20 unexpected benefits to wearing a wristwatch

May 17, 2019

20 unexpected benefits to wearing a wristwatch

Casual Wear: 20 unexpected benefits to wearing a wristwatch other than to tell time

1. While it may seem like nothing, a wristwatch will get you noticed.


A men’s watch may serve as a man's single accessory and a woman's watch is even more noticeable than a handbag or a nice pair of shoes, even for casual wear.

2. Nonverbal cues that a watch conveys adds surprising detail to the stories we tell.


We often use our hands to talk. A wristwatch is front and center to the impression we make and a wardrobe staple.

3. We set the tone of our day with our choices.

Having a few watches to choose from to fit the occasion helps you express your identity in a variety of casual wear situations.

4. Even if we are fighting to overcome our worst habits, and are habitually late, we can make a good impression.

A wristwatch can denote a lifestyle or even be a work of art and yet it also serves the function to make a good impression when we arrive on time.

5. Even if you're having a bad day and don't feel like smiling, you can pick yourself up. 

A wristwatch doesn’t have to run into the thousands of dollars to make an impression. On your worst of days, an artistic watch can serve as a statement piece even in an understated way for casual wear. The fact that the wristwatch reflects your personality and serves to make you happy is more important than any impression that can be made.

6. You walk your walk when you connect to who you are.

How you carry yourself when you feel good about yourself is more important than anything you can wear. A cool wristwatch helps serve that purpose because it can tie into the core values we hold dear as a tiny piece of self-expression, and help you remember who you are, even when we have to conform to a specific style of dress for a special occasion, school or work norms that regulate our wardrobe.

7. It helps you feel put together.

A watch as casual wear means you can do things like matching the metals and colors to your outfit and create a sense of style and purpose. Typically you’ll want to switch up your watch for casual wear outside of formal events if not for any other reason than not wearing a dress watch to the beach for instance.

8. You set yourself apart. 

Having a variety of fun watches that serve as a means for self-expression allows you to set yourself apart from those who don’t feel naked without a watch. Watches can be intimately tied to our persona to the point that we feel like something is missing when we don’t wear a watch.

9. You don't create unnecessary questions.

There’s no shame in wearing a casual watch as even very wealthy people forgo the diamond encrusted watches in favor of classic watches that simply do what they were designed to do in an understated way. Diamonds will beg the question if they are real and can raise more questions than they're worth.

10. You are cutting edge and trendsetting.

An unusual classic wristwatch lends itself to connoting confidence, style, and individuality. Nothing says cool than breaking the mold with a classic watch vs. the everyday smartwatch.

Without a word, a classic wristwatch says you’re in charge. In fact, it doesn’t need to be overpowering to be cool. The trend of oversized watches that dwarfs the wrist is reverting back to classic style. There’s no need to wear a clunky watch that overpowers your wrist.

The artistic dial of a watch can serve as a tiny detail for discriminating and trendsetting taste.

11. You can rebel and reconnect in one swift move.

A classic watch is the anti-smart watch but it’s a sign that you have the confidence to know what’s important isn’t tethered to technology 24/7. A wristwatch is a subtle way to rebel, create a positive mindset and disconnect from tech to reconnect to the people in front of you.

12. You can make an inseparable statement.

A watch is casual yet a personal item. Just as you’d never rummage through another woman’s purse or ask to go through a man’s wallet, the casual wear watch is a personal statement that may garner oohs and ahhs while remaining securely attached to one’s wrist, as part of you.

13. You can choose the wave you want to ride.

You can slip into something more comfortable to prepare for the uncomfortable when your day may feel like it may be a bit out of your control.

Casual wear, sportswear or athleisure wear is what we live our lives in when we are free from restrictions but slipping on a comfortable leather watch can be like slipping on a pair of yoga pants for your wrist or a favorite pair of jeans even when you know you're facing an unpredictable day.

We can blur the lines between home and work and sneak a favorite watch, like picking what wave we want to ride.

14. We can choose to do even simple things with panache.

Certainly, we still edit our choices depending on the impression we want to give but a favorite leather watch can instantly remind us that we are just that, free to express ourselves and on our own time.

An everyday leather watch for casual wear can feel unimportant on the surface but when we wear a wristwatch every day it creates routine that can set the tone for the day. Being aware of time benefits us in our ability to handle what’s most important to us without time slipping through our fingers unnoticed.

15. You can create your inner selfie.

While we would like to slip into our favorite jeans every day or look like a supermodel, it’s not practical but we can slip on our favorite wristwatch. Doing so sets a tone both within and without. Wearing even a leather watch as casual wear is a subtle sign that you should be taken seriously no matter what you're wearing because you value your time.

And these days when wearing a wristwatch is less of a given, the mere act of wearing a watch as casual wear develops your persona or your personal brand if you will. Like a favorite perfume or cologne, you can develop your signature style with small everyday choices like wearing a cool and unusual wristwatch.

16. A wristwatch connects us even more than a smartwatch.

If you are going shopping, taking a trip, or on a casual outing with friends, you have time at your fingertips. In fact, even in this age of technology, you will find that people will strike up a conversation and ask you the time.

Wearing a wristwatch connects you to the world just as much as it touches you and connects you to your priorities and values. It’s one simple habit that can kick off a domino effect of positivity in your world.

17. We can take control and create a routine.

Often a top-selling book may tackle productivity and habit discussions. At the root of changing routine and developing healthy habits is time. When you prioritize wearing a wristwatch, you take the tiny step of control over your life that others may take for granted.

There is just no comparison between the ability to look up the time on a phone and feeling physically connected to pure time with a classic watch that is not diluted with other messages. In fact, the light from tech is proven to interfere with getting to bed on time.

18. When it counts, you're not looking at your smartwatch.

When you look down at a wristwatch, there is only one thing on your mind: time. It’s simple. It’s focused. It’s mindful. Even Hollywood knows when it really counts, you're not counting on your smartwatch to look smart.

19. The old saying "time is money" holds true but in reality, our time is priceless.

If you’re not wearing a wristwatch every day, you may have told yourself a story that you want to be free of time but in truth, time passes whether we keep track of it or not. Creating a strong association with time allows you to make the most of every second.

We only realize it matters when we don't have enough time left to accomplish what we want to whether daily or in a lifetime.

Simply wearing a watch cues us to pay attention to the here and now even when we are going about our everyday business that we take for granted. If you’ve ever driven to your destination and not recalled how you got there, you understand just how easy it is to be on autopilot in life.

With a meaningful glance at a watch, we can remember to value our time. Making peace with time and elevating it in our lives even in a casual sense helps us remember to pay attention to what is right in front of us in the here and now.

20. Living in the now helps you spread a little joy.

There are no regrets in focusing on this minute and being fully conscious and aware. When you can do that with a classic wristwatch that brings a smile to your soul every time you look at it, your entire day improves in an imperceptible but important way.

In essence, a casual wear watch may be more important than the very expensive dress watch because we live our best lives when no one is looking and the majority of it we spend with our own thoughts. A cool wristwatch is like an old friend that is there day in and day out and can help us shape our identity for the positive.

While often overlooked or taken for granted, a wristwatch is far more important to casual wear than we give it credit for and may just be the key to maximizing our success in life, even without the technology that has come to try to convince us otherwise.

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