A cool wristwatch is the perfect travel accessory

May 17, 2019

A cool wristwatch is the perfect travel accessory

A cool wristwatch is the perfect travel accessory. Here's why:

A simple and often overlooked travel accessory is a ladies or men’s wristwatch. A wristwatch as compared to a smartphone doesn’t need to be charged and a quick glance will keep you from missing a flight or a check-out time.

Perhaps more importantly for peace of mind, using a classic timepiece helps put your mind at ease, creating the relaxed aura of being on vacation, even if you’re used to wearing a smartwatch and using a smartphone. Wearing a leather wristwatch is like slipping into your favorite jeans. You know you’re in control and you won’t be distracted by any notifications that may pull you out of the vacation spirit.

However, when we unplug for vacation, we still need to keep track of time to a certain extent if just to make dinner or show reservations. A thoughtful wristwatch can fit the bill both for street style self-expression and usefulness.

Wearing a wristwatch when traveling also helps give you an easy reference point as you decide if you want to change the time to reflect your local time zone or you may decide to leave the time set to the time at home. Technological internet driven devices will automatically shift the time to your current location’s time zone, so it’s nice to have an analog wristwatch to understand why your body may be feeling a little jet lag.

Keeping track of a constant time when traveling helps us understand how our body is reacting even if the local time tells us otherwise. Time travel takes on new meaning when you consider that up until 1920, when taking a cruise, a nautical day used to be set to the local time it would be when the 12 o’clock noon the sunshine would cross the ship’s meridian.

With a wristwatch, you don’t have to worry about the watch needing to be recharged at the end of a long day. There are no wires attached and you don’t have to remove it when you try to go to sleep and adjust to the local time.

Even in the middle of the night, you have the security of being able to check the time if you awake disoriented, as you don’t have to stumble across an unfamiliar room to plug it in or look at it. Just a matter of a few inches out of reach can render a smartphone useless when you're sleepy.

And if you pick up a water-resistant watch, a few local rain showers won’t prevent you from wearing your watch in any number of unpredictable travel situations. Time itself is a universal language, and a nice conversation starter to meet new people and make new friends as you travel if you select a watch that is meaningful to you and catches the eye.

Plus, wearing a wristwatch sends a sign of competence and trustworthiness even to strangers you may meet as it subtly indicates a commitment to being aware of time and its importance. Nearly every culture has an appreciation of time and keeping track of it.

Certainly, when you’ve booked a vacation, the last thing you want to do is to miss something on your agenda if you’ve made plans, sometimes months in advance. Having a reliable and stylish watch is an easy way to make sure you meet your vacation goals, even if it’s just to take a little "me" time.

If you’re traveling in a group, synching up a time to meet up is a critical part of the happiness and success of your plans. Nobody wants to be kept waiting because your phone died when you were out exploring and you lost track of time.

A wristwatch may be the single most necessary travel accessory you may ever purchase! In fact, it’s so necessary you may be able to use the necessity of a watch as a way to gauge the importance of other travel accessories. Nobody wants to lug around more than they can carry on vacation. Everything you pack should be something critical to your happiness on your excursions in your home away from home.

The dependability and familiarity of a wristwatch that reminds you of a positive experience or person can help ground you when you are in unfamiliar territory. A thoughtful watch can be just the reassurance you need to feel confident and remember who you are when everything around you may be new.

There is a sense when we travel that time slows down because everything we are taking in is a bit different than usual and we register a lot more of what is right in front of us. When we are very familiar with our surroundings, we may have the opposite effect of time flying by but in both instances, having that reliable classic watch can be a link to our sanity as we may be a poor judge of the passage of time, especially when traveling.

A good wristwatch is one that is unique enough and special to you that you enjoy the feeling you get when you glance down. However, it’s safe to say that not having a splashy smartwatch or Rolex will help prevent you from being a target of theft, as criminals may size up tourists as marks based on how they’re dressed. There's no surer way to put a damper on vacation than to be robbed.

It’s not necessary to have an overly complicated watch that tells the time in 3 different time zones to do the trick. You simply need a classic watch without too many frills, so that you show up on time for the things you want to do.

In fact, you may want to use your watch as a gauge to help you beat the effects of your red-eye flight. The worst part about taking an exotic vacation or one that crosses any time zones at all is trying to adjust to the local time. 

Most travelers will tell you that the sooner you adjust to the local time, the more you’ll enjoy your trip! You may want to keep track of the time the sun rises in your destination because the more you can expose yourself to daylight, the better the signal to your brain of days and nights so you don’t get your days and nights mixed up.

Plus, keeping track of a reasonable bedtime will help you further adjust to your new temporary digs. It might feel tempting to stay up late if you’re wound up from excitement and the time change, but your body will thank you if you can try to adjust to the environmental daylight cues of your vacation location.

There are a lot of crazy travel accessories you could buy to travel with but none of them are more essential or as useful as a watch. When you choose a watch that is personal to you, it’s kind of like if you designed your own tux or bridesmaid dress you can wear after the event, so get a travel accessory that you like that reflects your personality that you’ll be proud to wear.

The $200 cosmetic bag advertised for the urban explorer may never see the light day from under your sink and the travel belt bag may be relegated to back of the closet, but the wristwatch you want to wear on the trip?

You’ll get plenty of use and enjoyment out of the watch. Try going a day without checking your watch and you'll prove it to yourself.

There is a saying that experiences are the most valuable thing money can buy. Short of that, remembering your trip is the next best investment. The ultimate travel accessory is one you can wear prior to your trip to remind you of the impending excursion to build excitement, then wear on the actual trip, reinforcing the positive association and then afterward to help you reconnect to your bliss in the middle of a busy day.

Some people collect spoons or shot glasses on their vacations, but a wristwatch that helps you dream of your favorite experiences yet to come or experienced is incomparable. A fantastic wristwatch helps you connect to your deepest and most profound joy because time spent with family and friends or on a solo excursion is the "why" of life. We live for those moments of freedom and we need to savor the time we spend on our most meaningful endeavors.

There’s nothing quite like a watch as a travel accessory to tie your entire world together into a meaningful relationship with your core identity and the expression of what is truly important to you.

You’ll be hard pressed to find as remarkable a memento to invest in as a travel accessory that will keep on gifting you joy like a memorable and cool wristwatch. The only other travel accessory that may come in as a close second is a book in the airport gift shop that catches your eye. But why choose between a great wristwatch and a bestseller when you can and should have both?

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