Street Style: What your watch says about you

May 17, 2019

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Street Style: What your wristwatch says about you

Street style is what you think it is. It’s personal. It’s unique. And it’s cool. 

Street fashion is what real people wear, yes, on the street and a wristwatch is an entire way of expressing individuality and expressing confidence by putting your unique stamp on style that is hyper-local to you.

Wristwatches have long held the unique ability to add a sense of style in a minimal but condensed form. Just as much as a personal statement as a haircut or a pair of shoes, a wristwatch choice subtly screams who you are (Can you scream subtly? Yes, behold the bold statement watch.).

Often men's wristwatches are the sole and rare accessory in a sea of suits or t-shirts, as often even married men won’t wear a chain or even a wedding ring but a watch, even in the days of the smartphone. While brand names like Rolex exude fame and fortune, you’ll often find the more successful the man, the less he has to prove and the more he will gravitate towards making a watch choice based less on what others think of him than what he thinks.

Women may own an array of wristwatches as well as men, worn based on the occasion or as the outfit dictates.

A watch with a story behind it that speaks to street style via an experience, a hobby, a place, a person and values creates personal culture and identity.

Innovation and artistic style through fashion choices define identity. Street style reflects local culture and values and creates street fashion trends that recognize the unique personality of an area.

There’s Japanese Street Style, London, New York, West Coast (LA/San Francisco) and surfer/cool street fashion.

A ladies watch and a men’s watch lend authenticity to personality and street style choices. A glance at a wristwatch provides a millisecond escape to happiness because watches are worn out of choice more than mere necessity in the modern world.

Unique watches can be a way to rebel against uniforms and bland attire that keep personal style in check in both formal and informal expectations of dress codes, but cool watches are a much more visible street style statement than say a hidden pair of crazy socks.

A street style watch can help one feel tied to an otherwise hidden identity and sense of belonging such as when you are toiling away at work far from the nearest sandy shore and surf. A glance at your wrist can remind you of where you belong and provide a sense of happiness and a mood boost even under stressful conditions.

Wearing a wristwatch can mean less about the time than it can be about expressing individual style and personality as most watches have the ability to keep time equally well. It’s less about accuracy than self-expression. 

We don’t buy watches, we buy self-expression and street style. With wristwatches, we buy memories of people and places and event reminders.

Like wearing your heart on your sleeve, we wear our heart on our wrists. We reveal a bit of our story and who we are when we wear a wristwatch.

Just as we customize the function of our smartphones, we customize our self-expression when we wear a watch as the choice to wear a watch in and of itself says something about the person wearing it almost more than any other accessory or outfit selection.

We don’t rely as much on brand names perhaps as much as the dedication to our own values and beliefs when we say who we are with our watches. We articulate our own aesthetic in a singular way that almost no other accessory can do like a watch. A wristwatch is in a unique position to signal who we are and what is important to us.

Our style selection in a unique men's watch or ladies watch can help us connect not only to our unique identity but to others who are like-minded and appreciate our choices. Much of our communication is non-verbal and a unique wristwatch sends charming cues about who we are and creates our individual presence in the world.

When everyone is wearing a smartwatch, and you choose the anti-smartwatch, it speaks to power and confidence, dependability and coolness. 

Street style is more of a philosophy or lifestyle choice than a designer brand statement of wealth to the point that designers have incorporated street style into their branding because street style can be more fashionable than even the designers can design.

A cool watch can contribute to a “look” day in and day out, unlike a shirt, a blouse or a pair of pants that can come in and out of fashion. Wristwatches are ironically timeless in their fashion and style statements.

Watches as miniature works of art lends fashion meaning as well as style. One can accentuate what is important in an understated but essential capacity by choosing a watch that is meaningful.

Street style can be seen sometimes as resistance to norms that are widespread and create fashion that is more about creating a person than ever before. And as more and more people wear smartwatches that make them feel tied to technology, selecting a classic style watch or anti-smartwatch can well, make you look smart and confident in who you are and your choices.

Watches as street style are multi-functional because they allow you the ability to casually glance at your wrist in an almost imperceptible way when in a meeting or conversation, unlike the dismissive feel of checking your phone.

Wearing a watch is the ultimate in contemporary street style as one does not feel slighted if you look at a watch for a millisecond in the same way as when you feel ignored by someone glancing at their phone. When someone checks their phone, you feel ignored and unimportant in a completely different way than you feel about a passing glance at a cool watch.

In fact, a glance at a cool watch could actually solidify a relationship by starting a positive conversation about your watch that has a very different feel to it than asking why someone is checking their phone. Noticing a watch can bond two people unlike the conversation about looking at your phone.

No one ever says, let me see your phone. But many people will ask to see your watch.

In an age where we are inundated with information, old school watches are the new cool. A unique watch allows you to express your individuality at the same time you take back a little bit of your time.

When you look at a wristwatch to check the time, you will not be drawn down the rabbit hole of smartwatch notifications taking you off task to do things you did not intend to do with your time.

In essence, creating your own brand of cool with a watch unique to you also gifts you more of your own time to be present and on task. It’s counterintuitive that old school watches make you smarter but the gift of focus and timeliness is more than fashion-forward, it’s a smart way to keep time.

People don’t buy a wristwatch just to tell the time, they buy peace of mind to show up on time and stay true to themselves just as much as creating a fashion statement. Those wearing classic watches of any type express that they’ve figured this out. 

Wearing a cool watch is a way to reclaim your time and your identity in a way little else offers in our over-connected world. It’s not superficial, it’s officially a way to even signal to yourself what is important.

Time is the one commodity we can’t buy. When we steal away some of our own time by sticking by traditional timepieces, we stay mindful of what is important.

When coupled with personalizing our timepieces by wearing a classic style, we contribute to street fashion and culture while setting the tone for down to earth authenticity. Time is real. It is now. It is not to be taken for granted nor does it need a plethora of distractions of other functions.

When we wear a wristwatch, we take time seriously and there are no regrets when we spend our time wisely and express ourselves in a way that feels genuine. A classic watch can ground us in the here and now without the false sense of added pressures that smartwatches can create.

If chosen with thought and clarity of purpose, a wristwatch that connects us with something, someone or a place that is important to us, can be an ongoing reminder of our values as well our sense of style and fashion. Like some people tie a string around a finger, a watch with meaning behind it can remind us of what counts and why we are doing what we are doing in a subtle way that can make all the difference in the world.

Wristwatches are no less important to street style, personal expression or productivity than they ever have been. On the contrary, a classic watch may be the single best way to keep ourselves grounded in an ever artificially connected world. When we connect to time and keep our identity front and center with an accessory that makes us happy and reminds us of who we are, we can bring our best selves to the table.

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